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Are you ready for a boost in in-store sales?

By May 18, 2021May 29th, 2021Industry

33353634_MAfter a long year of uncertainty, many retailers are bracing for a resurgence in in-store shopping. They need to be ready to handle the potential uptick, as more people are vaccinated and feel more comfortable with the idea of shopping indoors. To that end, small businesses in the retail sector would be well served to employ the following tactics to drive results:

Social media
Social media has become an effective tool for getting the word out not just about products, but a retailer’s overall presence and brand. That’s why, at minimum, they should be using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay relevant and top of mind. This is especially critical if you’re trying to drive traffic for an event or specific promotion.

On a related note, influencers have become ingrained in modern approaches to marketing and can help a brand hit a specific target market. Consider the fact that more than 70 percent of consumers say they make buying decisions based on recommendations, reviews, social media, and online search. The lesson? Don’t diminish the role these personalities play in introducing and endearing customers to your brand.

Embrace collaboration
Small businesses have learned to do more with less, and even as the economy improves, there’s still value in embracing this mantra. For instance, collaboration can benefit smaller retailers. This might mean planning a pop-up event with a brand that aligns with your ethos. Even if you perceive them as somewhat of a competitor, there’s still value in working together to increase foot traffic.

Keep flexibility in mind
Don’t put all of your eggs in the proverbial in-store sales market. That’s because there are some customers who’ve become at home with the idea of e-commerce and likely will continue to place at least some of their orders online. A robust online storefront will allow you to cater to this segment. At the same time, you can continue to invest in the in-store shopping experience.

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