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Can you guess what one of the most underutilized online marketing tools is?

By June 8, 2018Industry

hand holds a marker in hand writing down the various strategies of Online Internet Marketing.Can you guess what one of the most underutilized online marketing tools is? It’s email!

The most ironic thing about it, however, is that Email Marketing can be the most powerful tool to get messages to your audience. This is especially true if you are using it effectively. Using it to its full potential isn’t too complicated and there are really only three things to it!

The first is an attention-grabbing subject line. Pique their interest. Give them something they can’t resist. A good way to do this is something most marketers wouldn’t think of doing, and that’s using the reader’s name in the subject line! It makes the message feel more personable and readers will respond better when they feel a message is being sent specifically to them. Your click rates will skyrocket!

You’ve gotten them to open your email. Now what? Well, now you have to give them engaging, creative and interesting content. If they don’t like the content of the email, you can bet on them never opening another email from you again. It’s that important. Give them something worth their while, but keep it short and sweet.

The third thing every email needs to have is some sort of media. This could be a photo, a gif or a video! This will keep them in your email longer because it will catch their eye. People also connect more with visuals and hopefully, in turn, with your company!

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