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Gen Z is on the rise. Here’s how to market to them.

By August 23, 2019Industry

Comprising of 25 percent of the U.S. population, Generation Z is the country’s first all digital-native group. Gen Z is the generation born between the mid-’90s and 2010. So how are brands catering to this audience?

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Quality matters.

Generation Z is synonymous with technology. While Millennials were digital, Generation Z is the first generation to grow up with technology from the start. That’s why audience segmentation is so important when marketing to this highly fickle group. Marketers need to understand who they are and use audience segmentation to customize their Generation Z marketing strategies accordingly. They’re also more likely to readily filter through promotional content and advertising. The key for marketers is to create value.

Humanize your brand.

Gen Zers conduct extensive research before buying and are selective in their purchase decisions. They want to see how brands talk to consumers and if they address any issues or feedback. It’s key to keep your reputation management up to date on all these common sites.Make sure to communicate on positive and negative reviews on your posts and on popular review websites like Yelp and Google Business.

Authentic experiences and two-way conversations are a must.

Initiate two-way conversations online, and create a social presence that Gen Zers can engage with. They value the opinions of their peers, but it must appear genuine. They look for realistic and relatable and can see through disingenuous promotions and influencer marketing.

Keep the message quick and to the point.

The average Gen Zer has an attention span of about eight seconds. They’ve grown up with loads of information at their fingertips and are accustomed to quickly filtering through content. In this era, brands must communicate with easy-to-digest content that cuts through the clutter and captures their attention.

Show you care, too.

Gen Z consumers want to hear how your business is helping the community and promoting social responsibility. They want to see that you’re truly committed to that cause. According to a recent report, 60 percent of this generation wants their jobs to impact the world, and 76 percent are concerned about humanity’s impact on the planet. Look into community outreach programs, especially during the holidays and during slow seasons.