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Social Media Marketing A Critical Boost For Business In The New Year

By January 20, 2019Industry, News

Tom Lane, founder of MyBigSocial, announces a partnership with Social5 to bring the power of social media and online advertising to forward-thinking business leaders seeking to take advantage of the tremendous opportunity to maximize their marketing budget in 2019.

Draper, Utah. (December XX, 2018) – Is your business making use of social media, online advertising, and search engine marketing? If not, you’ll miss out on a major opportunity to build your brand and visibility with customers in the new year.

Consider the facts. In 2018, experts calculated that more than three-quarters of the population in the U.S. had a social media profile. That number only continues to grow. Some estimate that in 2019 that there will be 2.77 billion social network users worldwide.

But, although social media, online advertising and SEO are the way forward for businesses seeking to improve their visibility with consumers, many are at a loss for where to get started. Why? They either don’t know how to proceed, or are convinced that they don’t have the marketing budget to get in the game.

Tom Lane, CEO and founder of MyBigSocial, knows understands the challenges and concerns of business leadership regarding advertising because he’s been in sales and marketing his entire life. In order to address these concerns and to help bring the next important step in marketing to every business, Lane founded MyBigSocial to make those available to all through a partnership with Social5.

“I understand the challenges. Organizational leadership must consider cash flow and sometimes limited resources; weigh expenses against the potential for a return on value; determine how to budget for advertising expenses; and all while considering the overhead costs of doing business.” Lane said. “But search engine marketing is different. It allows you to invest in a manageable way to increase exposure over the long term. SEM isn’t a short-term fix. It’s definitely the critical piece of foundation for a winning long term strategy.”

Social5 is a leader in social media marketing, online advertising, and SEO. With a team of experts that include former professional journalists, they have the professional skill and capacity to bring scalable marketing service to organizations of varying size across industries.

Together, MyBigSocial and Social5 harness the power of social media and search engine marketing to level the playing field for businesses to improve visibility. Using popular social media sites, customized online advertising, and SEO, they can stretch valuable marketing dollars to accomplish the following:

  1. Build online visibility and share brand messaging for all organizations.
  2. Increase and interact with the audience of a brand, all through powerful social media word of mouth and advertising.
  3. Automatically improve search engine rankings by building a presence and keeping it relevant with useful, helpful, regularly updated content audiences are searching for.

Rather than implicitly trusting that standard marketing advice is a one-size-fits-all, Lane says says, it’s best to do your homework and put into place the long-term strategies that it takes to build a brand. Online advertising through social media and using best practices SEO strategy is winning strategy for any organization seeking to build an audience and reputation over time.

“It’s time to stop seeking a quick fix, and make use of search engine marketing best practices to find lasting solutions over time,” Lane advises.

Tom Lane is available to talk about this topic and others. For scheduling, please contact


About MyBigSocial

MyBigSocial provides the social media, online advertising, and SEO expertise businesses need to stretch their marketing dollars and build their brand. Through a powerful partnership with Social5, the leadership at MyBigSocial has been able to connect forward-thinking business leaders with the resources they need to build a powerful online presence with social media content, advertising, and website content written by skilled marketing professionals – and all at an price that makes advertising affordable and levels the playing field.



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