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Social Media Marketing to the Masses

By February 1, 2019Industry

48482406_MThe adage “content is king” is cliche for a reason. Leveraging meaningful images and contextual descriptions can essentially elevate your brand awareness tenfold to a specific audience. Social media marketing can be broken down into maintainable and actionable steps created in such a way that promotes your brand.

As obvious as general marketing can be, utilizing social media in a way to increase your return is easier said than done. Understanding the basics of social media marketing and taking a fundamentalist approach can be the difference in effort wasted or production maximized.

The technological advances that the marketing industry has faced in such a short amount of time has inevitably led to the vast improvement and expectations of employing social media as a digital marketing strategy. Gone are the days of simply maintaining a consistent posting schedule. Showing up to the game will no longer suffice. You now need to be a player.

Your Brand, Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Creating a clear picture of who your company is as a brand is a vital step in creating a social media marketing strategy. Presenting your image is how a brand connects to their customers. With the continuing evolution of social media and the effortless accessibility it enables for engagement, consumers are beginning to gravitate towards an interest in a “behind the scenes” look.

Giving your brand a face builds trust and legitimacy in your company and the products or services you provide. Finding a qualified individual or a specialized digital marketing company is crucial. The technicalities of the digital world take away the guess work previously involved in traditional marketing. Paper flyers and post cards exit left; digitized images and videos enter center stage.

Successful Strategies Require Alignment With Your Customers’ Interests

The advantages and capabilities of a successful social media marketing strategy are potentially limitless. Operating on a platform that allows for free advertisement (with minimal effort) is a model completely alien in the world of marketing and advertising. Aligning your focus on meaningful and useful content increases brand awareness while simultaneously showcasing personality.

Referrals and customer engagement are easy to track, maintain, and locate. This not only promotes rise in brand legitimacy for your customers, but gives instantaneous feedback to the company directly. Customer loyalty will also become a product of a solid social media marketing schedule. If repeat customers are the proverbial “bread and butter” to a business, then loyalty is that lifeline.

Digital Marketing is Customizable

Digital marketing can get as detailed as a business is willing to take it. From metrics, to analytics, to automation; social media can be customized to fit your marketing strategy perfectly. The following steps can be used as a surface level initiation phase, or can be specialized and incorporated in a day-to-day work flow.

  • Set measurable goals. Creating steps and actionable tasks lessen confusion and shine light on attainability without guesswork. Be sure to measure conversions weekly.
  • Personify your target customer. Be as detailed as possible. Some companies go so far as to name their persona. Doing this will allow marketing efforts to be directed towards a target audience with a purpose, thus, increasing sales.
  • What do you want to measure? This is an important step, often overlooked. Properly tracking engagement, clicks, and reach will help specify targets. From here, marketing can compare A/B tests with different posts, colors, and layouts. Finding what works and what takes your targeted customers through the sales funnel is the ultimate goal.
  • Know your competition. Never plagiarize; but improve upon what the competition is doing. Take the good ideas and make them even better.
  • Build content out and engage with your customers. Building content out in advance and maintaining a proper schedule keeps everything on track and high in quality. Secondly, engaging with your customers when they comment is vital. People want to know they are heard.

Reach Out
Social media marketing in Los Angeles can be an overwhelming task. Access to the next big thing often tends to be the industry standard. Nevertheless, if you find yourself asking: “How do I market my business?” or “How can I increase my brand awareness?”, reach out. Good help is hard to come by, unless you know where to look.