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Want your Facebook page to flourish? Start here

By August 28, 2020Industry

48675578 - big thumb up. social network likes, approval, feedback conceptMost businesses know Facebook is constantly tweaking its algorithm. This presents a challenge to those looking to garner exposure and attract a strong audience for their brands. Here are four tips that you might not have heard of to bump up your likes and get your message in front of more people.

  1. Let your personal Facebook friends know about your business page. Now that pages aren’t being seen that much organically, even by people who’ve liked them, this is a great way to introduce people to your business page without advertising. Using the @ symbol, tag your page in the post so that your friends can click right over to it.
  2. Do some offline relationship building. Reach out to other small businesses in your area. Get to know the owners and suggest doing some Facebook cross-promotion. Come up with a virtual event, like a webinar, which you can both contribute to. Advertise it together. After the event, share each other’s posts on your pages periodically.
  3. Leverage your website by adding a Facebook like button or box. This is an especially great way to develop an engaged fan base. If they’re coming from your website, they’re clearly already interested in what you offer. To make the most of these fans, be sure to post engaging content consistently.
  4. Add a Facebook icon, linking to your page, your email signature and your email newsletters. Email is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Think about it: We’re all in and out of email all day long, so it makes sense to maximize that opportunity to reach people. Another way to leverage email is to share a Facebook post headline in the message that links to that post on your page.

There are lots of ways to grow your Facebook audience. These simple techniques are easy to implement. Yet they are powerful tools to increase your visibility and expand your following.